Oh Satan,
God of the Flesh,
Chief of the serfs,
I call upon you to come forth
and bestow your power upon me.
Fling wide the adamantine gates of Hell,
and come forth by these names:

Flereous! Asmodeus!
Belial! Leviathan!
Azazel! Lucifer!

I have embraced the black flame that burns within me.
I rejoice in the fullness and abundance of life.
I reject the tyranny of priests and kings, and favour true freedom.

Oh Satan,
God who calls humanity forth to become as gods.
Liberator, lightbearer,
Bestow upon me the power of your strength and wisdom!
Ave Satana!
Hail Satan!

The Devil instructing his followers to trample on the cross,
from Compendium Maleficarum, 1608